Sunday, 15 December 2013

Time flies...

Its been a while since the last post, so apologies. So much has been going on, that the updates may have to come in stages.
A while back, you may have seen Craig's car arrive. A whole heap of work after its 5 year lay up, including a rear disc brake conversion, axle swap, replacement clutch kit and a lot of work making the Beetle T1 narrowed beam setup work well in the Type 3 with a front disc and Porsche brake conversion, saw a fresh MOT, and a new look.
Craig had set his sights on taking his T34 Razor edge Karmann Ghia straight out the doors to the Viva Skeg Vegas show in Skegness. A few late nights in the workshop, a thorough detail by our good friend Paul at The Detailing House, and a last minute fitting of the handbrake cables that we had custom made, collected en route from Wales by Craig, meant that at around 7.30pm on a friday night, we finally waved goodbye to the razor.

The smile on Craig's face made it all worthwhile, and the next day he set off for a trip from Surrey to Skegness, where the car won a trophy (in the  shape of a custom wine rack full of wine) and then Craig set off on his way home to Wales. We were really happy to hear that the 400 mile test drive went without a hitch and the trophy was icing on the cake. 
It didnt stop there either, Craig drove the Ghia to the RSVP bbq (a club renowned for its superb slammed and narrowed rides) where it collected another trophy for "Raddest Ride". Then followed a superb feature in Ultra VW magazine, even gracing the centre spread, shot by Rothfink, and a feature in AirMonkeys magazine. More importantly Craig has been racking up some miles, enjoying having the car back and driving it as much as possible. 

PJ has also been putting plenty of miles on his 1965 VW Westfalia, travelling up and down the country and across to Europe for camping trips, VW shows and days out....exactly what it was made for. All the galavanting has also netted PJ a few trophies, including "Furthest Travelled" at Fueled Society 2013, "Raddest Bus" at the RSVP bbq, and a prize at the DTA end of year bbq " Aircooled-Apparel & Aircooled Accessories Choice". The bus is no molly coddled show queen either, putting in the miles, the centre of many a party, and used for proper camping as it should be. (Thanks to Joss at Wide 5 Photography for the photo)
Even PJ's 1963 Beryl Green Beetle has been in on the act, winning "Best Beetle" at Edition 38, a show with a real high standard of cars throughout, and appearing in a few mags at the DTA bbq, and Volksworld show. (Thanks to Matt and PJ for the pic)

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